At the forefront of quantitative and technological investment solutions for the insurance and re-insurance industry
At Dexagon we use technology and a quantitative framework to tackle real-world insurance and re-insurance investment problems.
Why choose Dexagon?
In-depth expertise of insurance and re-insurance regulatory regimes.

With Dexagon, you are guaranteed an experienced partner with a track record for creating optimal portfolios and achieving insurance objectives under both the Solvency II Regime and Bermuda’s Commercial Insurance Regime.

Optimisation with real-world constraints.

Many optimisation solutions lean heavily on theory, and lead to outcomes that are simply not implementable in the real world. Our products create asset solutions that are practical and achievable, and will help you get to your end goal as quickly as possible, with a minimal number of iterations.

Technology driven solutions.

We focus on delivering technology-driven solutions that boost efficiency. Our products not only focus on delivering business outcomes, but do so in the most efficient, safe and auditable way possible.

Our vision

We seek to bring order to the chaos of variables found in insurance and re-insurance businesses, by using technology and quantitative frameworks. Our aim is to solve problems once and to solve them well, after which we allow the technology to apply the solution on a day-to-day basis.

Push ideas forward
with us.

Join us in propelling ideas forward and driving innovation to new heights.