New Business

Optimise your asset allocation, maximize new business opportunities and achieve new business KPIs.

Meet your new business KPIs

With Dexagon’s New Business Optimisation, you can maximize your competitiveness by using our technology to construct portfolios that minimize insurance premiums, all while meeting your new business metrics.

Portfolio construction at the most granular level

Portfolio construction takes place at the most granular, line-by-line level, taking into account transaction costs and depth of market not only for physical assets but also for derivatives where these are required to support the trade. Dexagon’s New Business Optimisation takes into account publicly available assets as well as prospective private assets.

Constrain your portfolio at all levels

Create a new business portfolio that reflects your views by using our comprehensive constraint features that range from internal to regulatory. Generate trades while still adhering to constraints that range from high-level sector and rating constraints and customized collateral consumption limits, to granular line-by-line limits and everything else in-between. If the data is available, our technology can create the constraints around it.

Holistic Optimization

Dexagon’s portfolio construction process for new business takes into account the existing portfolio of assets and liabilities and can adhere to constraints at the new business level as well as at the post-transaction back book level. This allows for the creation of synergies between existing and new business portfolios throughout the construction process.

Integrate your internal models

We understand that every business is unique. Our technology can run both on the Standard Formula as well as integrate with your internal capital models and metrics.

Our Solution
Understanding your business

As a first step, our team of experts at Dexagon will work with you to gather all the information we need to integrate the Dexagon New Business Optimiser with your internal systems. This will include accessing your asset and liability data, understanding your internal capital model, and outlining the various metrics that drive your business.

Dexagon integration

Every business has its own specific set of needs which require a tailored integration process. In this phase we build the pipelines that allow the Dexagon New Business Optimiser read your data. We also create custom metrics into our system to reflect your KPIs and document the entire process.

Internal training

Once the system is up and running, we provide training to ensure that your team is comfortable using the Dexagon New Business Optimiser. We split our training into modules, which allows some members of your team to be trained as power-users while others can be trained to use only the basic functionality of the system.

Ongoing support

We realize that business needs are ever-evolving. This is why we remain by your side every step of the way, providing ongoing support and helping you navigate changes in regulation, business objectives, and technology.

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Backbook Optimization

Optimise your asset allocation to generate value while meeting both regulatory and internal constraints.